Bindeez Bead Craft Toy Recall

A popular Australia children’s toys, called Bindeez beads has been recalled after it was revealed the product’s  beads contain a chemical that converts into the toxic illegal drug fantasy or Grievous Bodily Harm (date-rape drug GHB) when swallowed.

According to news reports at least three children in NSW and Queensland have been hospitalised after putting the toy in their mouth.


Bindeez consists of colorful craft beads that are joined together to create designs. They are sprayed with water to set them.

Who would have thought that  the Chinese-made Bindeez bead, which won the 2007 Australian Toy of the Year award at the Melbourne Toy and Hobby fair would contain a dangerous party drug (date-rape drug GHB).

According to one new article  some experts believe  the drug was deliberately swapped for one of the  ingredients that should have went into the beads.

This is frightening! Who would have done such a thing. This is just sick!

You can read the full article at:  Date- rape drug in bead toy

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