Not being able to cook a turkey angers blogger

A happy belated Thanksgiving to my US friends who celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday. I have for you an interesting story. It is the story of how not cooking a turkey leads to feminist accusations made by one blogger to another blogger.

A blogger joined the Blogger Talk Blogger Forum and introduced himself. There was a small discussion on a link being added and things escalated when it was discovered that Rose the administrator stated that she had Thanksgiving in October and did not cook the turkey, but instead her husband Shawn did.

That’s when blogger SciFiAuthor stated that was a feminist website and the administrator was abusing him. The entire post can be read at “Greetings Fellow Bloggers – I hope Rose cooked the Turkey.” Of course I edited the title.

Wow, this is the first time that my not cooking has scared someone away. I guess he likes burnt turkey? What goes best with burnt turkey any way?

I’m cooking a turkey and you are all invited.

Burnt Turkey

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