Make your own reusable menstrual pads

Why is it that I picture men reading this blog title and closing their browser? Come on now! I talk about everything else on this blog why not make it yourself menstrual pads?

Cloth Pads are a reusable, washable pad that you use over and over again. You can even make them with wings.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe that you can make reusable cloth menstrual pads. Then again, before tampons and disposable maxi pads came out in the 1930s, women used rags.

How to make reusable menstrual pads

You can find some patterns at washable menstrual towel and making your own cloth pads.

If you’re like me and can’t sew then no worries you can purchase cloth menstrual pads at gladrags and at Sckoon.

Geez if you think this is bizarre has suggestions for reusable tampons. Insert a baby sock, hu?

Did you know that the average woman will use 16,800 pads or tampons in her lifetime?

Check out the Disposable Pad or Tampon Cost Pad Calculator to see how many pads you have used and how much you have spent.

Cloth Pads

So ladies would you use these? Sound gross? Many women are using them. You wouldn’t think they would absorb as well?

For those thinking about the switch, I guess you’ll just have to turn your unused maxi pads into slippers.

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