The Anniversary of Her Death- My Mother

Six years ago today, my mom died. Over the course of these past six years, not a day has passed that I haven’t thought of her. I still remember the night she died. I was with her. I kept saying, I’m right here with you. I love you, please don’t fight. I’ll be ok.

My mother was waiting for my blessing that December night. She died with my brother, husband and I at her side. I gave my mom my blessing telling her, “Mom just close your eyes. Please, do not fight anymore.” She turned and look at my brother and then looked at me. I could see goodbye, I love you in her eyes. Then she turned and looked at the ceiling and took her last breath and she was gone. She was gone, but never forgotten.

Like I told my Mother in those last moments of her life, I will always love her. She is forever with me.

My Mother

In loving memory of my Mother- Jan 6th 1932-Dec 2nd 2001.

As a calmness passed over your body, I watched you find eternal rest. I was awakened, acquainted for the first time in my life with the meaning of life and how peaceful was death.

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