A good reason not to your photos on Blogger- BloggerPlay and Picasa

When you post your photos online the control you have over those photos is very limited. Did you know that when you upload your photos to Blogger that those photos are hosted at Picaso? What rights are you giving over to those photos and how easy is it for others to use your images on their blog?

Brian Angliss has an excellent blog entry on why using Picasa’s web album to host your photos is a particularly bad idea. This of course includes uploading them to Blogger.

If you read down to section 4 of Picasa Web Albums TOS , you’ll find that you have given [/tag]Google[/tag] (Blogger) the right to use your patented, trademarked, or copyrighted work free of charge. How many other photo sharing sites have similar rights grabs in their TOS? I know that PhotoBucket does.
For more information on this be sure to read Don’t be evil – unless you can hide it in the Terms of Service legalese no-one ever reads.

Steve Borsch   also  has a post on this. Please see “Why he won’t be using Google’s Picasa Web Albums.”

Recently Blogger introduced BloggerPlay. BloggerPlay is a continuous slideshow of images, currently being uploaded to Blogger. Any of these images can be saved by just right clicking. (Frightening thought)

Bloggerplay has also released iGoogle Gadget for those that enjoy Blogger Play. So now your most personal photos that you have uploaded to your blog might be on someone else’s blog via slideshow.

If you don’t want your photos being apart of Blogger Play’s slideshow, you can have them removed, but only by removing your Blogger blog from Blogger’s public listings.

Another bad move for Blogger perhaps?

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