Hello Kitty- Enough with the cat

Hello Kitty was created in 1976. Last month the Kitty with no mouth turned 33. Is it just me or is Hello Kitty branded on everything? We have a Hello Kitty automatic electronic toilet paper dispenser, a Hello Kitty fire extinguisher, Hello Kitty bike tires, a Hello Kitty microwave, Hello Kitty electric fans, Hello Kitty USB foot-warmers and even a Hello Kitty ATM bank machine. Oh and let us not forget the Hello Kitty Robot that retails for $6,299.

Gizmodo.com pointed out that the Hello Kitty Robot can chat with a child in three different personality modes: as a close friend, with the family and as a guessing game.

Hello Kitty Merchandise

We have Hello Kitty steering wheel covers , Hello Kitty mobile phones , Hello Kitty bowling balls, Hello Kitty universal car seat covers and if that wasn’t enough Hello Kitty has even invaded the mens room and is asking for you to pee on her. See the Hello Kitty urinal target.

Hello Kitty urinal target

According to an article I read recently her image is on some 50,000 objects. Enough with the Hello Kitty. Please tell me, when will the madness end?

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