The Aches and Pains of Winter

I feel rotten. I’m fighting off a virus which is no surprise since my son has been sick the last two weeks. He went to the clinic the other evening and they said he had a nasty virus, and not much will help it other than letting it run its course. He decided to be sweet and share it with me. So  it is bed rest, and fluids for me. Who can rest during the holidays?

I still have gifts to wrap and if being sick was not enough the shocks went on our van. I wonder what the chances are in getting it fixed on  the day before Christmas? I know, I know, I’m dreaming. “I’m dreaming of a fixed mini van.  So we can drive it just like we did before.”

“As enough snow was not enough, there had to be a blizzard.”  A little metaphor there for you.

Well, enough with blogging. I’m off to drink some tea and get some rest. This darn bug is taking its toll on my body. Poor me! I need a hug.

Anyone want a cold virus?

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