Things that sound dirty but really aren’t – worst domain names

My mind is not in the gutter.

Sometimes we say things that sound dirty, but in truth they aren’t.

Sometimes you register a domain name not thinking about how dirty it might sound.

Last week my husband and I were in one of our local coffee shops. I went into the shop and put my travel mug on the counter. The counter clerk asked me to remove my top. (I would rather leave it on if that’s ok with you.)

Of course she was referring to the top of my travel mug.

Yesterday we were driving and a car cut out in front of us. I started lecturing my husband that he should have laid on his horn. I said “what is it with people not using their horn anymore.” From the back seat my son said “People are not horny anymore.” Both my husband and I laughed and my son said ” I realize how perverted that sounded.”

Ok, my mind was in the gutter. Admit it though! Yours was too.

Who Represents is the entertainment industry’s insider database that contains information for tens of 1000’s of celebrities. The website is

The website must be a joke. Then again, maybe not. The owner was looking to sell the domain in 2006. I wonder how many people actually go to it knowing it is really Pen Island.

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