Strange Search Terms

I decided to check out the keyword section of both statscounter and Google analytics. Once again there are some strange search terms being used that bring people to my blog. Can you believe I received 127 visits in a month for manties? Manties are panties for men and apparently there are a lot of searches for the term “panties for men” as that term alone brought 33 visits. Stranger yet, 3 visits came from those looking for photos of men in manties. (Sorry to disappoint, but you won’t find that here.) A few people want to know if Willie Nelson is dead. No, he is not. Here are some other terms used in Google that lead people to my blog:

cleaner sex
best panties for men. (Again with the panties)
weird masturbation
pretty vibrators
ass in my pants
breast are made out of

People find my blog through the most bizarre ways. I enjoy looking at the terms used to find my blog. I must admit some are more bizarre than others. So what strange search terms bring people to your blog?

By the way if you came here to see me naked, move along pervert. ( I wonder how many people clicked)

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