Men-love and chocolate

“I’m a woman of many moods and today they all want chocolate.”

I was in my local dollar store yesterday and I had a craving for chocolate. I purchase a bag of mint and chocolate thinking they were little chocolates. Content and happy with my chocolate I came home. When I got home I opened the bag, unwrapped one. To my surprise they were not my mint chocolates.

They were chocolate filled mint candies. I want chocolate. But, not just any kind of chocolate. I want mint chocolate and I did not get it yesterday.

You know, it really helps to read the package. I always lecture my children about reading the package and here I go allowing a pretty package to attract my desire. While I was somewhat satisfied with the candy it was not what I wanted. Had I look past the package and read, I may be content.

This sounds like a weird metaphor. I could use this chocolate story when giving advice to my daughter on dating. Let me see! How about, get to know someone on the inside before taking a peek at the outer package. What do you think?

By the way, I still want that chocolate.

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