Semi Formal-Ugly Dresses

My daughter is attending a semi-formal next week and the other day we went dress shopping. She has not bought her dress yet, but boy did we see some ugly dresses on our shopping rounds.

Before we went to Sears, we checked out Value Village. Value Village offers designer clothing and new, gently used vintage clothing.

Some of the dresses at Value Village were so ugly that I wondered what poor bridesmaids was forced to wear them. It got me thinking though that ten years from now someone might be looking at the dress that she wears to her semi-formal and thinking boy is that ugly.

Heck, looking back now the dress my sister-law wore 19 years ago to my wedding might be considered an ugly dress.

Heck my wedding dress is so out of date that some might consider it an ugly dress. I on the other hand still think it’s beautiful.

When I got home, I Googled ugly dresses and to my surprise there is actually a website where people submit ugly wedding and bridesmaid dresses. ( There is even a section for ugly shoes and ugly tuxedos.

Wow, some of these dresses are uglier than the ones we saw at Value Village. Then again someone out there may actually love the dresses featured on that site.

Funny that it all comes down to ones design taste. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder isn’t it?

So ladies, do you have an ugly dress hanging in your closet? Who knows, your ugly dress may look beautiful on someone else.

Styles change and so do we.

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