What is a Blog Without Comments – Faithful readers

If you have been a reader of my blog for some time you might notice that there has been a decline in my blogging. Part of that has to do with time and the fact that I always seem to be on the run these days. I wasn’t sure if anyone was still reading this blog, but my loyal readership showed me that they were still there within the shadows of the blogosphere.

That brings me to a question. What’s a Blog Without Comments? Many of you might answer that a blog without comments is still a blog. But is it? I think that those who take the time out to comment on your blog are a big part of it. Kudos to my loyal readership. I need not mention names as you know who you are. I appreciate you more than mere words can express. One of the best parts of blogging is you. Thank you for being patient with me during my blogging absences and being such a big part of my blogging journey. If you are visiting for the first time to my blog, don’t worry. Our journey together has just begun that is if you return. To my loyal readers, thank you once again. You are wonderful!

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