Think Pink- Ms pink- A new Blog

I have a new blog and a new obsession. The new blog has me tickled pink. I recently took over the domain from my daughter, because she has no time for blogging.

What’s my new blog “Ms. Pink Think Pink” about? Everything pink of course. Ms Pink -Think Pink is a blog where you can find everything pink from pink gadgets to pink fashion. October marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but why not think pink all year around. Some things in life are just prettier in pink. Faithful blog readers you can help me get my new blog out there.

If you would be oh so kind to alert your readership about my new blog I would be so very grateful. So add my new blog to your bookmarks and drop by and check it out. And as always I love comments.

I have so much to do that I see hours of blogging in my future.

Ms Pink

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