Family Day in Ontario – Manic Monday

Manic Monday! I don’t wish it was Sunday, because this Monday is a fun day.

For most of you who read this blog it’s Monday, the start of another work week. For me though today is about family. Today is Family Day here in Ontario.

The national holiday was introduced last Fall as the result of an election promise. It’s the first ever Family Day that Ontario’s have had, so I’m not really sure what I’ll do today.

There is not much going on in the city despite it being Family Day. I most likely will spend part of the day with my son and hubby. Maybe we’ll take my son for a drive, so he can get some pictures of the city and country side.

After all the purpose of Family Day, as its name explains is for people to spend more time with their Family. Like, I don’t do that allot now.

My daughter has to work, so part of the family will be missing. Despite it being Family Day she doesn’t get the day off.

So how will you be spending your Monday?

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