Ten Firefox Themes – Decorate your browser

Over at MS.Pink Think Pink, I blogged about Pink Paula, a pink theme for Firefox. Themes are skins that allow you to change the look and feel of your Firefox browser. Let’s face it, gray can be rather boring after a while.

I really like the PinkHope Firefox theme for Breast Cancer awareness.

If you just don’t feel like changing your browser to pink then why not try one of these nine other Firefox Themes.

Baby Blue/ BB – A blue version of Pink Paula.

Red Cats for you cat lovers.

NASA Night Launch – Inspired by the night launch of STS-116.

Scribblies Kids – A really fun theme for children.

Walnut for Firefox – A wood kind of look.

Bible Fox Blue– A nice Christian theme.

SoccerFox SVG – A theme for Soccer/football fans.

ShadowThunder II Sunbeam – A bright yellow theme.

Pimpzilla– Well this one is kind of tacky, but for those of you who like blingage then it might be your thing.

I’m curious, have you changed the theme of your browser and if you did to what theme?

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