Aol Stalker – AOL Stalker

Remember my post on AOL releasing search data on its users? Well has anyone ever heard of AolStalker? I first heard about the site today when I was using the free keyword suggestion tool provided by Wordtracker to get a report of pink keywords.

What is about?

From the website it reads “ contains data from the AOL search data scandal – where AOL on purpose released a massive amount of private data for all the internet to see.”

In January over a half a million stalkers searched for information on It makes me wonder if Google and Yahoo collect and release private info.

A great deal of this Aol data is just down right sad and pathetic. Some people have some really disturbing search habits. A large amount of the queries included sex.

User #2281868 wants to know how to destroy demons that live in the apartment above him/her. They also want to know what makes an adult bully tick. They have an interest in the history of swing jazz in U.S Europe and have a sexual obsession for Hillary Clinton and older women who look like her.

User #392699 is looking to buy a pet monkey. They have an interest in bartending and want to know when is the youngest a minor can move out of their parents house in Texas . She/he wants to know the meaning of the words pseudo, inherently, deviant, inept and several other words.

User #2753343 is trying to understand the principles of accounting. He/she wants to know why is family important. They want to know is it good for men to masturbate and is masturbation a bad thing. They want to know how to maintain their health and what is satisfaction.

User #7979427 wants to know how do you talk to people with the microphone. He/she wants to know if they really have Yahoo messenger and they have been trying to find out their email address for weeks. The poor thing can not get a straight answer or anyone to help them with their problem. They went online on the account of windows couldn’t find their server to up date for their sony cd-r. Frustrated their going to throw their dam computer out the window. ( I think they should pack it up in the box it came in and return it to the store.) After all they need their valid email address. All their code names are confused and they can’t find any of their programs.

Amusing as some of these searches are some of them are rather frightening. If you don’t believe me then check out the website for yourself.

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