Signs That Make You Go Hmmm- Funny Signs

You never know when you will see a funny sign. You can usually find a good funny sign somewhere in the city. We always see some really strange or funny signs and can’t take a photo, because we don’t have the camera on us. The other day we were at the Taste of Country store and my daughter pointed out their sign to me. I just knew then I needed a photo of the funny sign for my blog post.

Tonight we went back out and my son (Digital Frenzy) took a photo of the sign.

The store has chicks on display for Easter and the sign implies that these sweet chicks are about to become breaded chicken pieces for $12.99.

Funny Sign

Photo by Digital Frenzy © 2008 – All rights reserved.

Sweet Chick


Future of the Chick

Breaded Chicken

Toy Chick

Toy stuffed chick

We took the little girl that I provide respite care to see the chicks on the weekend and bought her this toy chick. Does it ever look like a real chick.

So, have you seen any funny signs lately?

More photos of The Taste and Country store at Digital Frenzy. Check out the photos and let him know I sent you. Taste of Country is the largest Country Store in the Quinte area with over 10000 square feet of country merchandise. The cobblestone house was built in 1830.

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