Happy Mothers Day – UK- Namesake day- Tim Hortons

Roll up the Rim to Win and Celebrate your Namesake

The UK doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day as us Canadians. You most likely knew that didn’t you? Well, I didn’t. Chalk that up to learning something new. I could not understand why someone was wishing me a “Happy Mother’s Day” today until a fellow blogger (who has a post about choking a chicken) pointed it out that today was Mother’s Day also known as “Mothering Sunday” in the UK.

So to all the mothers in the UK, ” Happy Mother’s Day. To everyone else in the world, “Happy Namesake Day.”

According to the calender of lesser known holidays today is Namesake day. Namesake day is a day that you think about where you got your name and if you were named after a special person. According to Wikipedia “If a person, place, or thing is named after a different person, place, or thing, then one is said to be the namesake of the other.”

Who were you named after and where did you get your name?

According to my mom I was named after a lady she knew and it was her choice to name me Rose.  My dad on the other hand wanted to name me Annabelle. No offense to all those gals out there named Annabelle, but it sounds like the name of a cow.

Thank goodness my mom won there.

My son was named after his great grandfather. Therefore, he is his namesake.

Tim Hortons was named after the National Hockey League player Tim Hortons who co-founded the restaurant chain in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. I say that is cause for celebration with a coffee. Who is buying? After all it’s Roll up the Rim time at Tim Hortons and I could win free coffee.

By the way- A blogger known as dawger started an interesting blog where he tracks his Roll Up the Rim winnings. He is competing against Boo Radley of smartcanucks.ca.

Drop by and check it out.

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