Bizarre Gadgets- Novelty Phones- Alexander Graham Bell

Today is the 161st birthday of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. It was in 1876 (wow, that’s a long time ago) that the first two-way telephone call was made, by Bell to his assistant. The first telephone went on sale in Canada on July 10, 1877.

In celebration of Bell’s birthday I bring you some bizarre phones and crazy novelty phones. These are ten phones that I never knew existed until today.

Toaster Phone

First comes the Toaster phone. This phone is the work of Renata Quintela, an industrial design student in Brazil. The phone comes with two bread phones and a toaster charger.
Pig Phone

Who doesn’t want a pig phone with a snoring sound?

novelty banana telephone

Ring Ring Ring Ring… It’s a Bananaphone!

Voice Changing Telephone

The Voice changing telephone from wholesaler Chinavision alters your voice to sound like a man, woman, or child. Creepy!

sandwich phone

This phone is made from a few slices of fake bread.(Product Page)

Turkey Phone
This may look like a real turkey leg, but it’s a phone designed for Dick Wolfsie of WISH TV 8. (Source


– The world’s first penis phone. I don’t think this is what Alexander Graham Bell had in mind.

Slinky Phone

The skinky phone brings back memories of childhood.

Cigarette Phone
This is the perfect phone for smokers as the cigarette phone phone holds your cigarettes too.

Animated Dubble Bubble Gumball Telephone

This may look like a toy, but it’s not. When you press the demonstration button, or receive a phone call, the telephone dispenses a gumball.

There are certainly some unique phones out there. We’ve come a long way Mr. Bell.

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