BananaBunker- Banana Condom

It’s time to pamper your banana. No not that banana. Get your mind out of the gutter. Though the BananaBunker does resemble a condom- a hard plastic condom that is. Cultured Containers has developed the BananaBunker® to protect your banana from bruising when placed in your lunch bag.

The BananaBunker fits small and large size bananas.


The banana condom BananaBunker comes in multiple colors: clear, blue, green, and orange. Give your banana the best protection. Please note this is not an effective condom. Only to be used on fruit.

BananaBunker- Banana Condom

The BananaBunker can be purchased from

Thank you to Paul Stremple of Cultured Containers for use of the photos. Stremple is the creator of the “BananaBunker.”

Pamper your banana.

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