Fetus Popple- Popples

The Fetus Popple is a unique creation. What is a Fetus Popple you ask? Well let me explain. Lindsay Parker co-owner, of “Without A Pulse” (withoutapulse.com) made the “Fetus Popple” five years ago for embryology class.

She got the concept from Popples. Popples were little animals that could change into little balls of fluff. (Do you remember them?) If you don’t then check out this 1980’s Popple’s tv commercial. The Popples was a 30-minute cartoon based on a series of toys created by American Greeting Cards and Mattel in the 80’s.


Lindsay thought that the way Pobbles were created would be a useful way of illustrating the various pouch within the pouch structure of fetal membranes, therefore she created the Fetus Pobble.

Fetus Popple

Creative isn’t it? Does anyone else remember Popples?

Source: craftster.org

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