Spring Ahead- Snow in Ontario

It time to Spring ahead. Remember everyone that the clocks move forward one hour this weekend for Daylight Saving Time. I think we’re all ready for a little Spring. Enough with the snow already. You got to love Ontario weather. We are in the middle of yet another snow storm. Honestly I don’t know where my husband and son are going to put all this snow. It’s expected that 30 to 50 cm of snow will fall on parts of Easter Ontario.

Some pictures of the snow that has fallen.
Snow in Ontario

Snow in OntarioSnow in Ontario

That would be our minivan covered in snow. Well, hubby did just put knew snow tires on the van. I’m glad he is getting his money’s worth.

The weatherman reported 20 cm of snow to fall in this area, but I’m sure we have more than that now.

My husband’s birthday is in April. He asked for a power washer for the van, but given all this snow he has changed his request to a snow blower.

On the bright side my son is out of school for a week due to March break. He can help shovel.

On the bad side, my daughter was out in this snow storm with her boyfriend that she just had to see and now she is sick. That will teach her. Then maybe not!

I hope the weather clears up for Easter or the children (not my children) will be finding Easter eggs in the snow.

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