Vagina Lollipops-Bachelor Party Food

Lollipops for Adults Only

This post is not suitable for minors or adults easily offended.

These are one chocolate flavored lollipops that I won’t be licking on when I get a sweet tooth. These lollipops are manufactured by Pipe Dream Products and may appeal to some of my male readers. They would be a perfect treat for a Bachelor Party.

Sweet Pussy Suckers

12 sweet chocolate pussies in a jar! Sounds like some warped porn movie. Again, perfect for a Bachelor Party.

The Chocolate Butterfly has been manufacturing Pure Chocolate Vagina’s for over five years now. Each 50 piece Tub costs $42.50 and can be purchased from

Milk Vagina

Be sure to include these on your Bachelor Party checklist.

Don’t worry ladies! My next post will have something just for you.

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