Out of the mouth of children

I’m not having a baby. I just gained weight.
Liquor stores don’t sell milk.

As some of you may already know I provide respite care to a little girl. This weekend she was in my care while her mother took a much needed break. This little girl says some of the cutest and funniest things. This weekend she had my family in stitches of laughter, and said some things that were so cute my son said “Mom, you so got to blog that.”

Yesterday we were out shopping and I told her that we just needed to make one more stop at the corner store to pick up milk before we went home. She didn’t quite hear what I said, so she says ” You got to stop at the liquor store?”

Then today she says to me, “Rose I think you’re going to have a baby.” Surprised as I’m not having a baby or do I plan to. I thought it was her way of telling me I was getting plump. Anyhow, I asked her why she said that and she told me because my chest was getting bigger.

Don’t kids say the cutest things?

I love how a child’s perspective of life is so clear. Children have so much to teach us. In this sometimes crazy world, we all really need to laugh at times. A child’s world is so full of wonder and excitement. Sometimes I wish I could be a child again, but seeing how I can’t it is nice to slow down and watch life through their eyes.

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