Dealing With People Online- Insults

How to be insulting when promoting your blog

Recently on the “Blogger Help Group” someone was showing off their blog. They pointed out that those viewing their blog should laugh or they were retarded. Calling someone retarded is obvious an insult and saying someone is a retard just because they don’t see the humor in a blog is rude.

I personally did not see the humor in his blog, therefore I didn’t laugh. I’m sure that I have different taste in books and movies than him too. Does that make me a retard as he so insultingly put it?

I think not! When he felt his ego was crushed he proceeded to try his best at delivering an insult. His insult was of course poorly delivered as he picked out my grammatical and spelling flaws.

I know my spelling sucks. Please tell me something that I didn’t know.

Criticism doesn’t bother me. I’ve gotten use to people saying that I can’t spell. I’m very well aware my grammar isn’t perfect and “you can’t spell” is a typical internet insult. I’ve seen it in comments that people leave on forums and other blogs too.

Some people need some new material!

Did he really think that saying “I can’t spell” was going to insult me? He really could of did better. I’m so very disappointed that he could not come up with a much better way to insult me.

I’m also disappointed that he did not insult my looks. That is also a typical insult.

When you’re on the internet, writing a blog, you get use to people and those who feel the need to insult when they can’t argue their point.

Anyway, I still did not find the humor in his blog.

So, how was your day?

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