Boycott Bimbo virtual fashion game

Just when you thought there wasnโ€™t enough pressure put on girls by the media to look thin comes an online virtual game that does just that. The online game “Miss Bimbo,” which is a virtual fashion game asks young girls to take care of virtual dolls named bimbos. The website has created quite the controversial stir up.

You can register for free on the site and then you are given a “bimbo” to care for. News reports are saying some girls as young as nine are registered and playing the virtual game. After reading the online news reports, I decided to check our the website for myself and I must say that I’m unimpressed.

Miss Bimbo

According to the website they have 3250 online players at the present time and 259 582 registered Bimbos! In the game players find a fun job, shop for the latest fashions, become a socialite, date famous ‘hotties’ and resort to meds or plastic surgery.

The shop is where you buy your Bimbo essentials, like food, extra storage and weight loss motivational items. Diet pills cost 100 bimbo dollars and breast implants sell at 11,500 bimbo dollars.

To earn bimbo cash you will have to work or find a sugar daddy.

When you run out of virtual dollars you have to purchase more through paypal or send cell phone text messages that cost $3.00.

Little Ho

The online game allows girls to name their own bimbo. I named mine Little Ho.

The website states that if you’re not over 18 years of age, you must ask your parents permission to register at Miss Bimbo.

When I registered to play the game I used the birth date of a nine year old, the website requested an email address for a parent, and my email address.

I used both the same email addresses as you can see in the screen capture above. The site allowed me to play without even activating my account. I wasn’t long closing my account that I never activated.

Of course the creator of the virtual bimbo game Nicolas Jacquart, claims it is all harmless fun. While, Nicolas may not think they he is doing anything wrong, I can’t help but wonder how he can see encouraging children to get breast implants, flirt and diet as harmless fun.

The site located in the UK has a sister site in France. In France, where Miss Bimbo launched last year one parent threatened the website with legal action after his daughter charged $200 to his mobile phone, without his knowledge.

According to a March 28th article “Miss Bimbo: will be investigated for rule breaches around services for children.” Phonepayplus is exploring whether the website breaches the rules around services for children.

I personally don’t see the harmless fun in it and I hope they close the website down. Sadly the more press this gets the more children will sign up. Your thoughts?

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