And the winner is- What the hell is blogging

It’s time to announce the winner of my blogging contest. After taking some consideration I have come to pick a winner. On Feb, 24th, I asked my readership “What the hell is blogging?” Some of you replied with some great answers. A special thank you to everyone who entered.

It was actually a close call between two entries, but I think this winning entry is most deserving.

Congratulations to Marcia from for winning my “What the hell is blogging” contest. She has won three months sponsor advertising on Blogger Talk Blog Forum (A $25.00 value.)

Marcia writes: Blogging is, quite simply, communication via the internet, be it communication of facts, emotions, brainstorming, or merely a forum of questions that need answering. Blogging is exceptional in that it can be rambling or clear and concise, no matter what the powers to be or self-imposed authorities think, there is someone who responds to any kind of writing.

Obviously, not every blogger is found or found often enough by the right reader, but the possibility exists. And where else other than a letter or an email can you speak and be heard without someone stepping over your words, causing you to lose your train of thought either because you are so irritated they were so rude or your mind leaps to accept their words as far superior and shuts down before you words even form! And communication, y’all, happens to be the key to all human interaction, heart and soul aside.

Again congratulation Marcia. When you get a chance check out her blog folks.

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