Another Birthday- Another day of bickering

Just another day in paradise!

Yesterday was my husband’s 37th birthday. He just missed April fools by an hour. Then again, some may see that the guy is a fool for marrying me 19 years ago.

We took him out to a Chinese all you can eat buffet. I think the waitresses wanted to keep our bladders full as they kept asking if we would like another drink. Little did we know that beverages were not included in the buffet. Now I understand why they kept offering to get us another beverage.

My daughter and I got up to go to the rest room and when we were gone the waitress cleared the table taking my daughter’s uneaten desert. That’s ok, she didn’t need those delicious pastries.

Did I mention that the coffee tasted a week old? I made a note to myself never to order coffee from there again.

I’m sticking to Tim Hortons.

The buffet was good, but they did not have my Chicken Almond Guy Ding or my lemon chicken.

The clam did not look healthy, but my son said the sushi was good. I can’t bring myself to eat the stuff.

Enough about dinner!

We came home and watched “August Rush.” My daughter had already seen the movie, but we hadn’t. It wasn’t a bad movie, but I was disappointed with the ending.

After the movie there was some chaos with the lighting of the cake. I’m not a smoker and can’t work a lighter. My son isn’t a smoker, but did a pretty good job with lighting the cake.

Then of course wouldn’t you know it that the camera wasn’t charged? My daughter and son both have cameras, but my daughter doesn’t know all the settings on hers and asked for her brothers help.

Of course this is where they showed their brother and sister love. (Please add name calling and yelling here to get the full picture)

Once we had cake they were still bickering back and forth so I took hubby and we left for the coffee shop where we grabbed a coffee and the supervisor was complaining about lazy teens surrounding her.

We then drove home, checked email, popped in a movie, I fell to sleep and that was my hubby’s birthday.

I’m so looking forward to that trip were taking for our Anniversary in a few weeks. No children!

Happy birthday hunny (Shawn).

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