The Daily Coyote Blog- What To Do When Your Blog is Locked

One thing that you don’t do is email all your subscribers and request that they post on your behalf to the Blogger help group.

Quite the buzz has developed today in the Blogger help group around a blog called “The Daily Coyote.” Last week The Daily Coyote had been identified as a potential spam blog by Blogger’s spam-prevention robot.

Shreve Stockton, was unable to post to her blog until a member of the blogging staff reviewed the blog.

The process of reviewing a blog is four days. If the blogger has not heard back within four days, Blogger invites bloggers with locked blogs to submit their blog to the Google spreadsheet for a review.

I’m guessing that Shreve Stockton emailed her subscriber list because today in the Blogger help group more than 50 threads were started requesting that the blog be unlocked.

Even now that it has been unlocked and Gatsby (Blogger Employee) has pinned a thread stating that it has been unlocked, there are still new threads being started requesting that the blog be unlocked. I guess that people didn’t visit the actual blog to see that it had been unlocked before posting.

Shreve photo blogs about living with a coyote pup named Charlie in Wyoming. Charlie came into Shreve’s life when he was just ten days old, orphaned after both his parents were killed. Just after Christmas the blog was receiving 30,000 hits a day.

Shreve writes on her blog “”Thanks to all of you who
helped! Wow, you got that done fast.”

I understand that “The Daily Coyote” has developed quite the loyal following, nonetheless Blogger does have a procedure that they follow for reviewing blogs that have been locked by Blogger’s spam-prevention robot.

While it may have been an inconvenience to Shreve and her readership that this blog got locked seeing the Blogger help group flooded with a bunch of requests for the same blog was an annoyance to us that had to witness it.

Her readership had flooded the group so bad that other bloggers with unlocked requests for their blog got lost in the buzz created around her and her blog.

What we have here is a lesson in selfishness.

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