Mothers Day Gift Ideas – Spam

Before I send a link request I check the website over. I don’t think this is something that Gift n Ideas does. It is obvious by this email that Sarah Hewitt did not even take the time to read the page that she said she found. Twice now Sarah has sent me a request referencing my article “Mothers Day in Heaven.”

If Sarah had been to my site, and read the article she would have known that my mother died. The first time that she emailed I replied to her informing her of this. That was just a few days ago. She must be absent minded.

Now just a few days later I receive another request from her for the same page. A quick Google search would show that comment spam is another practice that Sarah uses. Comment spam is the practice of filling the comment section with meaningless post linking back to the commenter’s website.

Would you do business with a comment spammer or someone that sends you link requests and does not bother to check out your website?

The site offers live chat with a Gift N Ideas associate. Below is my conversation with an associate if Gift n Ideas.

Shashi has accepted your request.
Shashi : Hi Pissed off, How may i help you?
me: Is it a common practice of this website to send spam?
me:Cat got your tongue or is that a question you can’t answer?
Shashi: sorry i didnt get you can you please tell me clearly?
me: You didn’t get me? What it hard to comprehend? Does this website always send spam?
Shashi: no we dont send Spam
me: You don’t send spam? Then why now have I received a link request from a moron who has obviously not reviewed my website?
Shashi: some times the mail could go to spam automatically ok
me: If she did then she would know that she is referencing an article that I wrote where my Mother has died. Why would I want to send a gift from your website for Mother’s Day to a dead mother?
Shashi: we are very sorry for the inconvenience we will make sure that this will not repeat
me: You are sorry? She said that days ago and then sent me spam again today. But your website does not send spam. Did you not just tell me that?
Shashi: yes we dont send spam
me: Then explain this unsolicited bulk email request?
Shashi: Usually we send mails directly to the recipients Inbox, some times it may go to spam mails
me: Shashi, how much are they paying you an hour?
Shashi: sorry but i cant tell you about it
me: You should get paid more for the BS you are feeding me. Thank you for your assistance. I’ll be sure to forward your spam email that you don’t send to the appropriate party. Good day!

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