80s Slang – Another sign that I’m stuck in the 80s

I was a teen through the 80s. Today’s slang has changed a great deal from 80’s slang. I still use a great deal of 80’s slang today.

I have found myself referring to my daughter’s past boyfriends as her boy toy.

I have said my children were in deep shit.

Joking I have said to my husband let’s do it. ( To do it meant to have sex.)

I call my husband a stud. (Insert laugh here)

Can you believe I still use scumbag to refer to a scummy person.

I say “bite me” too often.

I think my husband might be stuck in the 80’s with me as he has used the word ta-tas (to refer to my breast), wannabe, and fuck’n A.

Networking and hacking is an 80″s slang term still commonly used.

What slang word from the 80’s do you still use?

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