Sunday Drive- After the Tweed Flood

Today we took a Sunday drive out to the town of Tweed to see the aftermaths of the recent flood.

We stopped at the Tweed Memorial Park. Here is a collection of photos we took of the flooded park. Of course it does not look near as bad as it did almost two weeks ago.

Flood in Tweed

Yes this lamp post is in water.

Flood in Tweed

Deserted park bench.

Flood in Tweed

Anyone for a picnic?

Flood in Tweed

Picnic by the water

Flood in Tweed

A rock surrounded by water.

This is the worst flooding to hit these areas since 1981. An estimated 145 homes were affected by the flooding.

For those who don’t know, Tweed Ontario is located in South Eastern Ontario. It is halfway between Ottawa and Toronto. According to the 2001 Canada Census, Tweed’s population is 1540.

The drive home

The drive home. There’s nothing like open road.

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