Send an Ecard- Wrong Cards

I can’t see the point in giving greeting cards. The recipient glances at the card and then it eventually ends up in a drawer with all the other cards. There is no rule that says you have to give a card.

I recently missed a friend of mines birthday. Instead of sending him a
mass-produced token of love that would sit in a drawer, I sent him an ecard. Now the ecard had no dancing monkey wearing a party hat on it, but it did get to the point. When you don’t want to say the very best. These are definitely not hallmark cards.

Wrong Card Ecard

This new website brings you ecards that are wrong for every occasion.

Instead of sending an over priced mass produced card why not send an ecard from wrong cards? Who knows, you may find just what you’re looking for at Wrong Cards. Note: is not intended for use by people under 18 years of age.

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