Meyers Pier- Zwicks Island

Last night we took a drive down to Meyers Pier in Belleville just as the sun was setting. Then we drove over to Zwick’s Park in Belleville.

Speaking of Zwick’s Park, the Tragically Hip will be playing at East Zwick’s Park on June 21. Tickets for the concert are $49.50 each and available at The other performers that will be playing will be Sam Roberts, Sarah Harmer and Attack in Black. It sounds like it is going to be a great concert, but I won’t be attending.

I took some nice photos from both Meyers Pier and Zwick’s Park. I even got a photo of the Canadian Coast Guard’s CCGS Caribou Isle docking.

Norris Whitney Bridge - the \

The Norris Whitney Bridge – the “Bay Bridge” links Belleville with Prince Edward County. This is a view from Zwick’s Island.

setting sun over the bay

The setting sun over the Bay of Quinte. Taken from Meyers Pier.

setting sun

One can see the setting sun through the trees at Zwick’s Island.

meyers pier

Meyers Pier, Belleville On

caribou isle

CCGS Caribou Isle ( Canadian Coast Guard Program Vessel)

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