The Rejection letter

If you’re a writer, do you remember your first rejection slip? Well this month I received one of those rejection emails.

I guess I can share my news with you all now. Wiley Publishing is seeking out author candidates for a new book about Blogger. An acquisitions editor, from Dummies Technology contacted me in March and asked if I would be interested in submitting a proposal. I wasn’t sure if I was knowledgeable enough on Google’s Blogger to write a book, but I thought what the heck and submitted my proposal to them.

On May 7th I received an email that stated my proposal was very good and that they enjoyed reading it and that they had no doubt that I could do a great job with the book, but another author who was also very qualified had a better platform with which to promote the book.

I’m not upset at all. Part of me was a little disappointed and part of me was relived. I believe that I would have done a great job writing the book, but then there is that little bit of doubt in the back of my mind that says “Rose what are you getting yourself into?”

I’m flattered I was asked to submit a proposal to a traditional publisher like Wiley and that they felt that I would of did a good job with the book. Rejection is part of every writer’s life, and though I was rejected for this book, I am motivated enough to in future submit more proposals.

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