Campbellford- Giant Toonie and Suspension Bridge

Today we took a Sunday drive to Campbellford. Campbellford is home of the gigantic two dollar toonie designed by Canadian wildlife artist, Brent Townsend ( Brent is known for his Polar Bear design on Canada’s two dollar coin.

We stopped and took some pictures of the 20-foot-high toonie and then we went to Ferris Provincial Park and walked across the 300 foot-long Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge.

Giant Toonie
Giant two dollar Canadian coin in Campbellford. If you ever come to Ontario this is a must see.

300 foot-long  Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge
300 foot-long Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

The bridge is 30 feet high above the Trent River.

Under my Feet

Rushing water under my feet.

No Jumping from the bridge

I’m not crazy enough to jump.

The Trent River

What a view from the bridge.

Beware of the bears

We walked along one of Ferris Park’s trails. Bears?

Fire Hall

I love things of historical value. The Campbellford Fire hall was built in 1889.

Back of Fire Hall

This picture of the back of the fire hall was taken from  the Old Mill Park located on the Trent River.

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