Solar Bra and the Biniki – a bra for your butt

I was listening to the news on the radio the other day and I heard them talking about a solar bra. I think that falls into the ‘weird news’ category or maybe strange gadgets. Perhaps not the weirdest of all stories I have shared here, but still strange. If you think that is strange then you better brace yourself for the butt bra.

Reuters has reported that a Japanse company is designing a solar-powered bra (Taiyoko Hatsuden Bra) capable of generating enough electricity to charge a cell phone or iPod. It charges when the bra is worn without other clothing. I don’t know about other women, but I’m not comfortable walking around in the sun in just a bra.

The Bum Bra

US psychologist Dr Karin Hart has patented a bra for the bum called the Biniki. The new bum bra will help sagging buttocks. There is also a version for men called the Maniki. The bum bra comes in three size a a, b, and c. What no D? The bra is currently available through direct sales from the inventor Dr. Karin Hart. Visit

the biniki
The Biniki

Source: Japanese Company Unveils Solar-Powered Bra

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