Happy Birthday Blue jeans – Blue Jeans Day

Happy May 20th

May 20th is a day to celebrate.

Today, May 20th is “Be A Millionaire Day?” Well I am a long way from being a millionaire and I can’t celebrate “Pick Strawberries Day,” which is also celebrated today. I think it is a little too early to be picking strawberries, so maybe I’ll just go buy some strawberries at the grocery store wearing my blue jeans. Did you know that today is Blue Jeans Day too? Today marks the 135th anniversary of a patent.

On this day in 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a U.S patent for blue jeans. Jeans have come a long way from 1873. They are now a high-fashion item. Victoria Beckham the ex – Spice Girl even launched her own designer jeans line.

I don’t think that the Bikini Jeans, the latest trend in Japan and Brazil were what Levi Strauss had in mind when he invented blue jeans. I don’t think they had these Evisu Bondage Jeans were what he had in mind either.

Evisu Bondage Jeans.

Can you believe that these jeans sell for $407.37 on Amazon? Talk about expensive jeans. (Shop at Amazon)

These are not the most expensive pair of jeans ever sold. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most valuable jeans are a 155-year-old pair of Levis 501, that were bough on Amazon in 2005. They sold for $60,000.

Celebrate May 20th by wearing your favorite pair of blue jeans. What is your favorite pair of jeans?

Source: The World’s Most Expensive Jeans

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