Turn beauty inside out – The Beauty Inside you

Today is Turn Beauty Inside Out Day. The Turn Beauty Inside Out (TBIO) campaign was launched in 2000 by New Moon Magazine and coordinated by the non-profit organization Mind on the Media. “Mind on the Media is a non-profit organization concerned about sexist stereotypes in all forms of mass media.”

Turn Beauty Inside Out (TBIO) is a grassroots celebration of media images that promote positive examples of inner beauty.

Children are bombarded through television, and advertising, with the message that real beauty is ones outer appearance.

Women seen in advertisements and media are often seriously underweight. The average fashion model weighs 25 percent less than the average woman. Young girls already insecure about their bodies are now comparing themselves to these models. Eating disorders usually start in early adolescence, when young girls are not happy with their bodies.

When we allow ourselves to get caught up in mass medias definition of beauty, we lose sight of what real beauty is. There is much more to a person than an outward appearance. A slim figure and a pretty face does not define feminine beauty and that is the message that New Moon wants to get across.

Help girls and boys look at themselves not just today, but every day from the inside out. Remember that every girl is beautiful.

What is your definition of beauty? Tell me about the woman in your life?

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