Sunday Drive- Looking for Waupoos

Be very quite, we are looking for wild rabbit. Have you seen Waupoos?

Waupoos is an Indian word for “Wild Rabbit”.

Yesterday we went on our usual Sunday drive. Our destination spot was the Rose House Museum. The house was built in 1804 and was originally the home of Peter Rose.

It is located in the town of Waupoos. We didn’t quite make it to the museum though. The reason being that we couldn’t find Waupoos. (The town not wild rabbit.)

We ended up in Picton and took the Glenora Ferry, across to Adolphustown.

Once in Adolphustown we of course had to find our way back home which we eventually did.

Amusing day it was.

After 4 long hours in a mini van we needed food so out of desperation to fill our growling stomachs, we stopped at a McDonalds.

Who wants to cook dinner after a long drive?

Here are some photos I took on our road trip.

The Regent Theatre in Picton opened in 1918. (

A photo of the Glenora Ferry

naked statue

I took this photo outside of Mohawk Liquidation in Shanonville. Who puts a statue of a naked man outside of a liquidation/ variety store?

I never made it to Waupoos, but I had a fun day nonetheless.

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