Advertising company Gr-Ads-Something Smells Fishy

Has anyone heard of the advertising company GrassRoots Advertising On May 23rd, Sarah Raymond contacted me regarding placing an ad on She was offering me $25.00 to a place a link on my site, which is our rate for one month advertising. In a reply, to her email I informed her that $25.00 for one month advertising would be fine and where she could make payment.

That was four days ago. Today she contacts me by email informing me that she wishes to place 23 different text ads on my domain on 23 different pages for $475 dollars. She went on to say that unfortunately,
she could not afford to pay us per month so she was hoping I would accept the $475 dollars for one year of placement.

In reply to her email, I told her that she must be kidding and that she should find another sucker.

She then emailed me offering me $525 dollars for 6 months of placement of all 23 ads.

What of $25.00 per month per link can’t she understand? I’m willing to barter advertising, but this chick is really trying to stick it to me.

Something smells fishy. I decided to check out their website and some of their employees must be moonlighting as models. Katie Donahue photo looks very familiar. I wish I could remember what stock photo site I saw it on. Come to think of it Lauren Kiedis photo looks familiar too. Wait all these photos do.

Anyone want to take a guess on what stock photo website they are from?

I sent a nice reply to Sarah’s email and I don’t anticipate she will be trying to negotiate an advertising deal now.

My reply to Sarah:

Sarah, (If that is even your real name)

If you can’t afford to pay us 3450 for 23 ads placed on our site for six
months than you can’t afford advertising with us. The cost for
advertising on our site is $25.00 a month or $150.00 for six months.

I did not like your proposal and you know what else I did not like?

The website gr-ads appear to be full of fake employee profiles. All the
photos in the employee section looks to be photos taken from a stock
photo website.

The website gr-ads also states the business launched in 2004 yet the
domain was not registered until 2007.

She thanked me for my time and that was that.

It comes as no surprise, but is on a spam block list offered by Neil Van Dyke (

Sometimes when you have a hunch, you are right.

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