Another Birthday Come and Gone

Thank you for all the kind wishes for my birthday that were left here and via e-mails; they are really appreciated. Thank you to Bob for the coffee.

I had a very nice birthday. Hubby and the children took me out for dinner.

We rented Grace Is Gone staring John Cusack. This movie has received some wonderful reviews, but it didn’t have as much emotion as I thought the movie would have had. I was really disappointed with it.

We later rented Untraceable and that was excellent. I recommend renting it if you like thrillers.

As you know I love bears. My son got me two boyds bear figurines to add to my collection of bears.

K.T. Shouldaknown... I Am My Mother After All!

Boyds Bears K.T. Shouldaknown I am My Mother After All
Momma McBear

“Safe in Momma’s Arms”

Hubby and my daughter bought me a Home Studio Montana 5-Shelf Bookcase to hold all the knew bears I get.


Would you look at all the balloons my darling daughter got me.

gold candles on cake

Look closely! Those are gold candles on my cake. There was so much smoke I thought it was going to set off the smoke detectors.

All in all it was a great day. Now I’m just counting down those days to the big 4-0.

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