E is for Excellent – Excellent Blog Awards

E is for excited. E is for emotions. E is for excellent and that is just what my blogging friend Hazel thinks I am. She awarded me this “E for Excellent” award for my ability to continually educate, enlighten, inspire and entertain you all.

excellent blog award

Shannon at ProjectMommy.com started this award ring in January. I now get the honor to pass the award on to bloggers whose blog I enjoy. Shannon requests the award be passed on to at least 10 fellow bloggers.

In no specific order the award winners are:

  • Hazel – from biceebites from hazel 8500
  • Tammy from Tammy’s Corner
  • Bob from Blackholes and astrostuff
  • GaryJay from Three Scores Plus Ten
  • Sy – From the wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead
  • Mr. D from Digital Frenzy
  • Seamus from Damp Dog
  • Marcia from Tumblewords
  • boomergurl49 from B. Burcroff
  • Ananya from Ananya’s spot.

Now you get the honor of passing it on to 10 blogs you enjoy.

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