WordPress Comments – Email required

The blogosphere is made up of all kinds of people. Recently a fellow blogger was not comfortable with the way WordPress accepts comments. The “email required” option scared him off. Actually it did more than scare him off. He accused me of harvesting emails for spam. How rude!

Tomcat99 says, “Why on earth do you want email addresses anyway? I cant think of any reason other than to spam them.”

For the record, I do not harvest emails. When you comment on this blog the WordPress platform requires you to enter a name, email, and website address (optional) in order to post a comment. Who says either the name you leave or the email you supply have to be correct? The required email is not really required as it doesn’t have to be a “real” email.

It is always nice when someone leaves their real email. This way, I can contact them to pass on awards or just to say hi, but “email” is really not a required field.

Anyway I did not build the WordPress platform I merely use it, so if someone wants to complain about the “email required” field let them complain to the programmer.

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