They Bought me a Coffee

Some of you might have noticed under my posts a little cup with a link that reads “If you liked this post, why not buy me a coffee?” For those of you wondering what is all about, “Buy me a coffee” is a WordPress donation plugin that I have installed. The idea of the plugin is that if visitors to your blog like your blog enough, they might send you a couple of dollars through Paypal, just enough for a cup of coffee.

I first installed the plugin at the advice of a fellow blogger who recommend I do so as I offer a lot of blogging advice to fellow bloggers. I didn’t expect so many would buy me a coffee, but they have.

I just wanted to take this time to acknowledge and thank those who were thoughtful enough to buy me a coffee. If I have forgotten anyone, my apologies.

Special thanks to:

  • John griffin
  • Bob has treated me to coffee on many occasions.
  • K Skippy Henry for my post for Princeton Premier- I Smell Spam.
  • Jana of
  • Kristin Park
  • Glen Woodfin
  • Liza
  • If you liked this post, why not buy me a coffee?