She would be 16 – Sending Balloons to Heaven

Today is my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday. Sadly there will be no pretty dress or no themed party. She is celebrating her 16th birthday in heaven. It’s hard to believe that 16 years have passed. Her time on earth was too short.

Today Shawn, my other two children and I gathered at the cemetery.
16 pink balloons were released into a cloudy sky. We watched as the balloon drifted towards heaven until they were slowly out of sight.

Some of the balloons had laminated cards attached to the ribbon with a message to Katie and my email address where if by chance someone found the card they could email me.

The weather today was fairly miserable, therefore the balloon release didn’t quite go as I had hoped. When we released the balloons it started to rain quite hard. So there I was balloons fading in the sky, tears streaming down my face, standing in the rain thinking how much I missed her.


16 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

balloon release

16 years later, I gather at her grave with 16 pink balloons.

balloon release

balloon release

May they soar to Heaven.

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