My Dryers Has Balls – Dryer Balls

It is not like I can’t find anything to blog about.

Does your dryer have balls? Mine does! (You can laugh now. I know that I am.)

I didn’t know what dryer balls were until I was at the dollar store last week. ( I don’t have satellite or cable TV.)

“Dryer Balls tumble in the dryer to lift and separate laundry allowing hot air to flow more efficiently.”

I purchased a package of two dryer balls. It was my $1 experiment and the things really do work. They cut down on drying time and fluffed the clothes. (I am now using them to reduce electricity use.)

Dryer balls: What a great invention. Get your dryer some balls today, but try your local dollar store before ordering dryer balls online.

Yes, I’m intrigued by dryer balls. Little things amuse me.

I hope I haven’t scared you off blogging about my dryers balls.

Anyone try these balls?

dryer balls

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