Bloggers Anonymous-Addicted to Blogging

Today on the Blogger Talk Blogger Forum, Avril Brand asked “Is there a blog for people who need help because blogging is addictive?” I thought that maybe I should start a Bloggers Anonymous support group. I Googled “Bloggers Anonymous” and found Bloggers Anonymous. Bloggers Anonymous is a 12 step program designed to combat Blog Addiction.

I looked at the check list found at, and I checked out “You know you are addicted to blogging when.” It is safe to say I’m not addicted. I don’t think I need a support group just yet. I know the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, but I’m really not addicted to blogging.

I know that I’ve said “I so gotta blog that.”

  • I wake up, log on my computer and check for blog comments.
  • I comment on other blogs daily.
  • I administrate my own blogging community.
  • I have 959 (make that 960) posts on my blog.
  • I help out at Blogger Help Group where Blogger Employees have made me a Blog Star.

That does not make me blogging addicted. I don’t have any symptoms of Blogaholism. It’s not like I post more than twice a day like some bloggers. (Noticed I did not mention names? You know who you are.)

The Middlewesterner has some suggestion on how your love ones can help you if you are addicted. Blog addiction Cures.

Be sure to read the 12 Step Program to Managing a Blogging Addiction.

The Composed Gentlemen blogs has created the Blue-Blooded Blogger badge. The Blue-Blooded Blogger (BBB) badge shows passion and love for blogging and everything related to it.

How addicted to blogging are you? Do you have an addiction?

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I’m not addicted I tell you.  Well time to run. I have things to do and I’m running late because I was blogging.

I’m not a blog addict. I really have no idea what this blog addiction is all about. I wonder if they sell a patch?

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