Greatest Love of All- Self-Love

Tammy brings us a different kind of meme.

To whom or what do you give your greatest love and why?

A few days ago a fellow blogger asked me that very question. Tammy said that her greatest love is for herself. When I read her blog post it reminded me of Whitney Houston’s song the “Greatest Love Of All.”

They say that self-love is the greatest love of all. It isn’t always easy for people to love themselves. They say that you have to love yourself before being able to love someone else. True!

I didn’t always love myself and there are things I don’t like about myself, but I heave learned to accept them. I admit that I don’t always look in the mirror and think I’m beautiful. I do know that I’m worthy and deserving of being loved something that many people don’t feel, because they simply don’t love themselves.

To answer Tammy’s question:

To whom or what do you give your greatest love and why?

Without a doubt I love my parents, and I love my children unconditionally. I even love myself, but I give my greatest love to my husband. I am grateful to him for everything he does. It is because of him I am alive. He has stayed by my side through some difficult times. I find my husband loves the qualities that I don’t always like about myself. Knowing that he unconditionally loves me makes me feel better about myself.

I hope someday my daughter finds that unconditional love that her father has given to me. Sometimes I don’t think she loves herself as she often ignores her wants and needs just to have a man in her life. I wish that she could see loving herself is the greatest love of all. I hope that someday she will look in the mirror and realize that she’s beautiful. She is loved unconditionally by both her father and I. She needs to love herself.

Do you love yourself? To whom do you give your greatest love and why?

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