Quantum Sleeper – A safe bed

Now comes a bed for the paranoid. The Quantum Sleeper — protects from bio-chemical terrorist attacks, kidnappers and other natural disasters. The sleeper is also bulletproof! The bed is also designed to enable you to see out and prevent those outside from seeing in. (Reminds me of panic room)

Quantum Sleeper

Jeff Walling the designer of the sleepers web site, qsleeper.com, calls it ”the safest rest you’ve ever had.”

According to an article I read there is enough room in the sleeper for sex. Sex in a coffin?

The Quantum Sleeper just creeps me out. It looks like a coffin. Nothing like being buried alive.

The bed comes with options for a CD player, DVD Screen with PC hookup, Microwave and Refrigerator. According to the website Quantum Sleeper costs $135,000.

Via: Geeks are Sexy

What do you think of the Quantum sleeper? Is this cool or stupid?

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